Change Grade Weightings (Case Simulations)

Modified on Thu, 21 Mar at 6:27 AM

As the instructor, you have the ability to set grade weightings for each component of a lesson. You can also set how much weight the project carries.  We recommend you set the grade weightings before students begin work, but you can change them anytime.

To change the grade weightings please follow the instructions below:

1.  Log into your instructor account.

2.  From the "Your Courses" page, select the link for the course that you wish to configure.

3.  Select the Change Course Settings link on the Course Details page.

4.  Then, click on the according option Change Grade Weightings.

As the popup dialog states, the changes you make will immediately update existing grades.

By default, your grade weightings for the lesson are 30% each for the quiz and learning phase, and 40% for the challenge phase. 

For projects that do not have a quiz, the weighting is 40% for the learning phase and 60% for the challenge phase. The 40/60 default weighting will also be used if the course does not utilize quizzes.

5.  To change the weightings, change the numbers in each of the fields.

The total must add to 100% for each row.  

6.  Once set to the desired level, click the Submit button to make the change.  The grade weightings will be


You can also change the weight of the projects in relation to the lessons.  By default the weighting is 3x.  So, lessons will be worth 100 points total and projects 300 points.  This impacts how the total grade for the course is calculated.

7.  Change the project weighting by entering a new value in the Case Sim Project weighting: box and then

click Submit to save your changes.

After changing the Project weighting, the total grade for the course will change.

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