Resetting a Quiz or Simulation (Case Simulations)

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Sometimes you may want to allow a student to redo a lesson that they have already completed.  Below are the instructions for the two methods of resetting a student's lesson.

Note:  After you reset an assignment, the student will then have to complete that particular assignment again the next time they log into their account.  If required to complete assignments in order, the student will need to first complete the reset assignment before they can continue where they left off.

Method #1:

1.  Log into your instructor account.

2.  From the "Your Courses" page, select the link for the course that the student is currently enrolled in.

3.  Click the View Gradebook button.  (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

4.  Under the desired student, click the Show more link to reveal the grades. (Figs. 2 & 3)

 Fig. 2

Fig. 3

5.  Then, mouse over the student's grade for the quiz or sim exercise you want to reset and in the window that

opens click on the reset quiz button or reset sim button.  (Figs. 4 & 5)

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Once the page refreshes, you can now see that the assignment has been reset.  (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5

Method #2:

1.  From the "Your Courses" page, select the link for the course that the student is currently enrolled in.

2.  Click the View Gradebook button.  (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6

3. Next, click on the student's name.  (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7

4.  Select the accordion option Reset an Assignment for... (Fig. 8)

Fig. 8

5.  Select which assignment you would like to reset by selecting it from the dropdown menu.  Then, choose

which part of the assignment to reset by selecting one or more of the checkboxes under Reset:.

(Figs. 9 & 10)

Fig. 9

Fig. 10

6.  Click the Reset Assignment button to perform the reset.  The changes will now show in the gradebook.

(Fig. 11)

Fig. 11

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