Reviewing a Student's Simulation (VB Essentials)

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One of the key features of the Gradebook is that it allows you to review student information.  For example, if a student has questions about a simulation, you can review the student's simulation file to answer any questions they may have, as well as view their simulation side-by-side with the answer key. 

Below are the steps on how to review student simulation files.

1.  Log into your instructor account.

2.  From the "Your Courses" page, select the course that the student whose simulation file you want to

review is registered for.

3.  On the Course Details page, click the View Student Progress button .

4.  Once in the gradebook, locate the student whose simulation you would like to review and click on the grade

shown under the assignment you wish to review.  For simulations not yet completed click on 'NC'. 

A pop-up menu will appear that will allow you select from the two different types of simulation reviews, View Work History or Compare to Answer.

Compare to Answer:

If you select this option, the system will automatically open the student's most current simulation file in a new window. The student's simulation file will appear on the left side of the window and the answer key will appear on the right side.   This allows you to review the student's work and compare the student's actions to steps in the answer key.


View Work History:

This option allows you to see all the simulation files the student has for this lesson.  For example, if the student has reset their simulation four times, you will be able to see and review each of these simulation files.

Below is an explanation of each column on the Work History screen:

  • #:  The attempt number assigned to the simulation file, the first attempt will always be numbered 0.  Attempts are sorted newest to oldest.
  • Work Started:  The date and time the student started working on the simulation.
  • Last Saved: For a simulation file that have not yet been completed, this will be the date/time that the student last saved the simulation. For a simulation file that has been completed or reset, this will be the date/time the simulation was completed or reset.
  • Time Spent (Minutes):  This is the total amount of time, in minutes, that the student had the simulation file open regardless if they were working on the simulation.
  • Status:  Will display one of several status
    • Working on Goal: Student is working on the simulation, but has not yet reached the goal.
    • Completed:  Student completed the simulation and reached the goal.
    • Completed, goal not met: Student submitted the simulation early before they reached the goal.
    • Reset:  Simulation was reset
  • Notes:  Information pertaining to the status.  For example, if the simulation file was reset, the notes will show the email address of who reset the simulation and the date/time the simulation was reset.
  • Grade:  If the student has completed the simulation and reached the goal, this column will show the student's final grade for that simulation run.  If the student submitted the simulation early and did not reach the goal, this column will show their grade at the time they submitted the simulation.  If the simulation was reset, this column will show their grade at the time the simulation was reset.  A score of -1 indicates that the student has started the simulation but not yet answered any questions or made any progress towards the goal.
  • Competition Score:  The figure shown in this column depends on what the goal of the lesson is.  For example, if the goal of the lesson was to have a weekly profit of $9,000, this column will show the highest weekly profit that the student obtained.

Lastly, you have two options under the Actions column.  The first action, Compare to Answer, allows you to compare that simulation run to the answer found in the answer key.  The second action, Review student's Sim, will open the student's simulation file in a separate window and allow you to review the student's action, but will not show the answers from the answer from the answer key.

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