Manage Student Logins (Exceeded Number of Licensed Users)

Modified on Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 05:30 AM

Certain license options restrict how many students you may have logging in simultaneously to access the simulation.  If your students receive the following message upon trying to access your Virtual Business course:

"There are more students at your school using Virtual Business then are permitted by the terms of your software license."

This means that you currently have the maximum amount of students your license allows logged in.  To view a list of students that are currently logged into the program under you schools license follow the steps below.

1.  Log into your instructor account.

2.  From the "Your Courses" page, select the link for the course that students cannot access.

3.  Select the Manage Student Logins link on the Course Details page.

This will display the Manage User Sessions page.

4.  If a student who is not currently suppose to be accessing the program is logged in, you may terminate their

session by clicking on the Terminate User Session link.

5.  You will be prompted that you are about to logoff the student without allowing them to save.  Click OK

to continue.

6.  This will cause the user to be logged out, and a student who has been unable to login will now be able to


The student that was logged out will be notified that they have been logged out the next time that they attempt to manually save the simulation or the next time the simulation attempts to auto-save.

In order for a student to be considered logged out of the program, the student must click on the Sign Out link from their account and not just close the browser window.

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